Course Outlines

Anger Management and Social Skills Training offers 4 main programs leading to a certificate:

1) Anger Management Skills (AM)

2)Domestic Violence Prevention (DV)

3) Positive Parenting Skills (PS)   

4) Substance / Alcohol Prevention (SA) 

Dr. Kaplan offers private 'face to face' individual sessions. All sessions are scheduled by appointment.

The Programs

The programs in Anger Management (AM); Domestic Violence Prevention(DV); Positive Parenting Skills (PS); and Substance Abuse Prevention (SA) all include discussion of the following:

  • Family History - how upbringing effects current attitudes and behavior.
  • Aggression patterns - recognizing repetitive patterns and time-frames.
  • Trigger Situations - becoming aware of high-risk situations.
  • Consequences - reviewing the costs / penalties of inappropriate aggression.
  • Exit Strategies - developing 2-3 'hard' plans for avoiding potential conflict.
  • Relationship Issues - exploring current family and social relationships.
  • Thinking Errors - redirecting erroneous thoughts and perceptions
  • Health Impact - side affects of anger and stress on physical health
  • Alcohol Impairment - understanding the impact of alcohol / drugs
  • Impulse Control - strategies to increase frustration tolerance
  • Relaxations Exercises - to reduce stress and tension
  • Role Plays - learning options and practicing new behavior

DV Prevention includes additional discussion of the following topics:

  • (DV) Family Violence - how parental violence influences and models attitudes.
  • (DV) Personal Violence History - exploring incidents of violence in client's past.
  • (DV) Power and Control Wheel - violence as an attempt to control situations and people.
  • (DV) Teaching Respect - Allowing others to express ideas and opinions without fear of retaliation.
  • (DV) Activating Circumstances - Repetitve family events that lead to conflict.
  • (DV) Coping Strategies - Reducing stress with partner or specific family members.
  • (DV) Zero Tolerance - Reviewing mandated actions by legal system.

Parenting Skills class includes additional discussion of these topics:

  • (PS) Parenting Favoritism - How family addresses 'fairness' and 'sharing'.
  • (PS) History - Review of the client's 'parenting role models' as a child.
  • (PS) Talk So Kids Will Listen - Learning the art of 2-way communication.
  • (PS) Parenting Apart - working together with ex-partner for child's benefit.
  • (PS) Medical and Home Safety Issues - Handling medical and home emergencies 
  • (PS) Discipline and Limit Setting - Methods project positive parental authority.
  • (PS) Setting Healthy Boundaries - Identifying and promoting respectful behavior.
  • (PS) Creating Healthy Relationships - Developing relationships to last a lifetime.

It should be understood that anger and frustration are natural human emotions. Therefore the goal of AMSST is not to "wipe away anger", but rather to help the client channel this energy in an appropriate manner.

    • Our program is designed to build on the person's strengths in a way that allows constructive and purposeful expression. In this way, individuals, families, and employees can develop the skills that promote healthy personal and social relationships.
    • If you are (or someone you know is) stuck in a pattern of 'unhealthy anger', this program is designed to help you'change direction'. By learning skills to communicate effectively and strategies for impulse control, our clients become better able to express their thoughts and feelings in a more productive manner. By doing so, our clients let go of the past and redefine the future.

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