Positive Parenting Skills / Family Counseling

Anger Management and Social Skills Training offers help for parents of young children through teens to improve their parenting and communication style. Dr. Kaplan is successful in teaching basic parenting skills that allow the parent to feel more confident and empowered. 

Parents often feel frustrated by constant power struggles they have with their children.  Positive Parenting Skills offers practical rules and advice on how to develop healthy respect for parental authority. Sessions include customized exercises and role plays for the parent to practice in the office, and later try out at home.  

Dr. Kaplan is a specialist in working with difficult adolescents. As a former psychologist at nationally known residential school in Westchester NY, he has successfully worked with many youth considered as 'at risk' and 'hard to treat'. In addition, he is the author of a chapter in a professional volume series specializing in the treatment of anti-social youth.

When possible, Dr. Kaplan tries to empower parents through family counseling sessions.  By design Dr. Kaplan uses a non-confrontational and non-threatening approach to help parents engage difficult teens and youth.  In short, the approach helps both parent and child recognize habitual patterns that undermine meaningful communication. The method helps them realize the predictable behavior patterns they have become locked into. By presenting these repetitive conflicts and cycles in a comical and humorous way, they recognize that futility of their rigid patterns.  In the counseling process both parent and child often become motivated to undo these habitual destructive patterns.  As a result these patterns tend to dissolve without anyone 'losing face'.

Parenting Skills classes (see The Program) in which the parent attends for personal growth will provide new insights as to how to improve parenting and family communication. In addition, those who attend family counseling sessions can work to resolve immediate parent-child issues. Dr. Kaplan has expertise in family treatment and will guide the family toward positive results even in the first session.

Certificates indicating the number of sessions attended will be provided as 'proof' for court or child-welfare agencies. With court permission, it is possible that certificates can'mix and match' Parenting Skills with family counseling sessions.

Parents who have been dealing with a disruptive behavior for months or years are often surprised by the quick turn around in their child's behavior following Parenting Skills classes and / or family counseling with Dr. Kaplan.

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