FastTrak Program

An advantage of our service is that we offer a FastTrak program.

This is for clients who (a) obtain the court or ACS permission, and (b) are motivated to cover the course work in an accelerated format.

In this course option we schedule 2 sessions in the time span of one extended appointment. Within these meetings we cover all the required material as listed in The  Program.

The FastTrak course thereby reduces the time for travel and hours away from work or family. Such appointments offer the opportunity to customize course work to address the person's particular circumstances.


Certificates -

Upon completing the required number of sessions instructed by the court, ACS, your employer, or referring agency you will be awarded a certificate that indicates compliance with the program. This serves as proof of attendance.

Our Certificates have been accepted out-of-state including: NJ, PA, FL, VA, NC, and others.


Certificate of Completion is awarded for: 12 or more sessions.

Certificate of Attendance is awarded for:  7-11 sessions.

Letter of Compliance is awarded for: 4-6 sessions.

Some courts require 26 or more sessions for compliance. Consult with your lawyer or court administrator to determine how many sessions are expected from you. We can adjust the length of the course material to accommodate your required number of sessions.

We offer a 'money back guarantee' that the certificate will be accepted by the court or referring agency.


Scheduling By Appointment Only:

Clients are seen for private 'face to face' individual sessions. 

Monday thru Thursday.  10am - 8pm

Sunday mornings.  10am - 1pm


Call for Free Phone Consult: 917-345-5750.